Keith Scott He may look demented but he really is amazingly talented.

Keith Scott
He may look demented but he really is amazingly talented.

Just SOME of Keith's many Cactus characters: Emperor Malcolm Talkbull, ex-PM Tony Abs, Flopposition Leader Bill Curly, aspiring Flopposition Leader Anthony Albo, Senators Cory Bananas & Matias Cormanegger, front benchers Prissie Pyne & Barnaby Joh, Pres. Barack O'Bummer, media tarts Derryn Livershot & Mark Mayhem, sport guru Big Gazza Roidman, North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong Nong, etc. etc. etc...

Robyn MooreYes, she really laughs all the time

Robyn Moore
Yes, she really laughs all the time

A few of Robyn's many Cactus characters include Liberal Deputy Leader Judas Bishop, Labor Deputy Tanya Plibernext, ex-Queen Julia Buzz-ard, Greens spokespixie Sarah Handsome-Rack, Senator Penny Ping Pong, Sandra Silly, Judge Judy Cranky, Queen Bessie of Buckinghuge Palace, One Nation Grand Wizard Pauline Hatful, mining magnate Cruella de Creosote etc., etc., etc...

Doug Edwards Creator

Doug Edwards

CURRENT WRITERS: Doug Edwards & Shane Edwards
ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: Mark Strachan & Lindy Wilson
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Over the years there have been contributions from some great writers including Adam Bowen, Chris Fyffe, Kim Goldsworthy, Ian Heydon, Tony King, Colin Lee, Robyn Moore, Graham Pugh, Andrew Ryan, Keith Scott, Angela Webber, Matt Wills, Lindy Wilson and David Witt.

Shane Edwards Writer

Shane Edwards

Shane is in no way related to anyone else associated with Cactus. He is a stalker. We let him sit down with us one day to write Cactus scripts because he had some beer. Shane turned out to have a very, very funny head. His hobbies include the "Running of the Cars" (like Spain's running of the bulls except it is played late at night in George Street, Sydney). Do not approach this man. He will approach you.

Mark Strachan Writer

Mark Strachan

During a scenic stroll through such jobs as Water Board worker, milko and as Mark the Fruiterer, Strachan fell into a Community Radio slot between the Italian hour and a fascinating Country Music program hosted by a man with very few teeth and a worrying lisp. He (Strachan) has since worked on air in Goulburn and Port Macquarie where he is Program Manager. Mark has been writing for Cactus since 1994. Approach with caution.

Lindy WilsonWriter/Producer

Lindy Wilson

International woman of mythtry.

Bill Dowling Studio Engineer

Bill Dowling
Studio Engineer

Cactus is recorded at TSD (Top Spots Digital) Sydney by Bill Dowling. That's him on the left in his studio.


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Tony King & Kris Ralph Musicians

Tony King & Kris Ralph

Tony King and Kris Ralph of the band Beautifully Mad are our musicians. They will perform at weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet rabbit burials, divorces. Tony was 2009 Australian Songwriter of the Year and has an ARIA Award for the highest selling single of 1991.

Tony and Kris both won the Best song "She Kept On Swimming" in the Acoustic Category of the Australian Songwriter Awards 2010